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My Story

Hi there! So glad you stopped by! 

So, I'd rather talk about you (see below, in "The Process"), but for now, I'll share a bit about me. After all, we are all more alike than we think, and sometimes our story can help someone feel a little less...alone. ​

My healing journey started about 15 years ago when I realized I was not living my best life. I was tired, frustrated, feeling a lack of purpose, feeling uncomfortable in my body with digestive issues, and experiencing body pain & inflammation. A very painful relationship with a family member had me tied up in knots, and I was beginning to feel like stress was just my way of life. But I wanted to feel better. I wanted to find a better path – a path to peace and joy and wellness. Having no idea where to start, I began pursuing alternative healing paths. You name it, I tried it – acupuncture, herbs, energy work, sound healing, yoga, Ayurveda, chiropractic care, etc.  


All of these things helped me get a little closer to my goal, but the most powerful healing tools for me were these:

  • Consciously choosing the foods I put in my body

  • Learning about nutrition & healing foods

  • Being mindful of my eating/eating habits

  • Taking the time to manage stress through meditation, mindfulness, and yoga

  • Finding a spiritual practice that fed me on a soul-level—which mostly tied back to meditation, mindfulness, and yoga...but also affirmative thoughts, self-compassion, stillness/presence = BEING WILLING TO DO THE DEEP INNER WORK! 

So, who in the hempseed am I?

  • I am a proud mama to one very spirited toddler named Hazel, and wife to a pure-blooded Italian who is a financial advisor by trade but an artist at heart.

  • I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, yoga teacher, and Reiki Master Practitioner. 

  • I earned a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, which has not only helped me heal my own emotional wounds and improve relationships in my life – but helps me do that for others too.

  • I am a former teacher, editor, lymphatic rejuvenation specialist, and program coordinator for a culinary non-profit (yes, this is what it looks like when trying to find one's passion).


I've now found my passion (YAY!) – and I'm so excited to share it with you. I'm FAR from perfect, but I can say that I am absolutely transformed from the person I was 15 years ago when I started my healing journey. I have found an inner peace and confidence that I never thought possible; I have an energyvitality for life that I only dreamed of; and
I feel really good in my body (i.e., the digestive troubles, skin troubles, and body aches are now a thing of the past).

If this resonates with you at all or you believe, as I do, in the body's miraculous ability to heal itself, I'd love to connect with you!

"You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that...We always have the power of our minds…claim and consciously use your power."
~Louise Hay

The Process

Over the years, I've come to believe that healing is an inside job – it's the food we put inside our bodies, the thoughts we have inside our minds, and the feelings we experience inside of our hearts. This is why I'm now super passionate about holistic health—and by that I mean WHOLE-istic, as in we are whole beings with many facets and many needs. ​Looking at any piece of us in isolation is like trying to drive a car with one wheel! 

So, what does this analogy have to do with you? Well, it means that our work together is multi-faceted – just like you! It means that I will make my first priority to get to know you so that I can understand your goals and dreams, as well as your fears and struggles. We will dive into questions like:

  • Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 5 years?

  • What has been holding you back from that vision?

  • Where have you succeeded before in making a transformation?

  • What are your biggest sticking points?

  • What do I need to know about you to BEST help you get there?

Of course, I'll also ask you to fill out a bunch of paperwork to understand your eating habits, stress levels, medical history, sleep habits, symptoms & concerns, etc. – BUT the real work is in getting to what's underneath, what's keeping you from making the changes that I know you want AND in having an accountability partner (that's ME) - your "transformation buddy," if you will. 

That's my process, in a nutshell. I'm here to help you be the most miraculous YOU. To put the pieces together so that you are confident about your path forward to achieving mind, body, spirit wellness. It's time to start driving with four wheels! Let's do this!

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